COW Terms of service

This Terms of Service ("Terms and Conditions") is for the purpose of concluding a license agreement for photographic materials or illustration materials among users offered by Cow Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "Company") Platform application service " COW (Hereinafter referred to as "this application"), the items that you need to agree to the user are stated. When using this application, this agreement will be applied, so please be sure to read this before using.

1. (General Rules ยท Scope of Application)

1. This agreement applies to all relationships concerning the use of this application between us and those who intend to use or use this application.

2. In cases where we post individual regulations or additional provisions on this application on our website or on this application, or distribute them by e-mail or the like, those individual regulations and additional provisions also constitute part of this agreement If individual or additional provisions conflict with this Agreement, such individual provision or additional provision shall prevail.

2. (Definition)

In this agreement, the terms listed in the following items shall be defined as prescribed in each of the relevant items.

1. "Service use agreement" When using this application, the term refers to the contractual relationship concerning the use of this application established between the user and the Company, and this agreement and the terms and notices relating thereto on this website or this application Including.

2. "user" A corporation, group or individual who has approved this agreement and concluded a service use contract with us.

3. "Registered applicant" It refers to a corporation, organization or individual who wishes to use this application.

4. "Use registration" In accordance with the method prescribed in Article 3, registration registration application registration of this application is called.

5. "Registration information" Registration applicant and users use information that we were registered at the time of registration is defined, the information in this application use was determined the registration deemed necessary by the Company and for these information users themselves are added, the cases that made the change It is information.

6. "USER ID" In combination with a password, it refers to the code used to identify the user and any other person.

7. "password" It is a code used in combination with a user ID to distinguish a user from others.

8. "account" User ID and password that we register and issue to users in order to distinguish between users and others.

9. "Our website" The domain is " is a" web site operated by the Company (regardless of the reason, if the domain or content of our web site has been changed, including the domain after the change.) It is called.

10. "content" The information that can be accessed through this application (including but not limited to sentences, images, movies, sounds, music and other sounds, images, software, programs, codes and other data).

11. "Product" This is a photographic material that other users sell through this application to other users, and others that the company allows us to sell on this application.

12. "License Agreement" It is a contract that grants usage rights of goods in a contract signed between users.

13. "Listing" In this application, the user places the item in a transactionable state.

14. "Purchase" It means that the user obtains the usage right from the seller by paying according to the method prescribed by the Company for the item that was exhibited.

15. "Seller" It refers to the user who sent the item in this application.

16. "buyer" This is the user who purchased the item in this application.

17. "Intellectual property right" The term "copyright, patent right, utility model right, trademark right, design right, and other intellectual property rights (including the right to acquire those rights or to file registration concerning their rights).

3. (Registration)

1. Applicants who wish to register can apply for registration of this application to the Company by agreeing to comply with this agreement and by providing registration information to us in the way specified by us.

2. In accordance with the Company's standards, we judge whether or not to register for a registrant, and when we approve the registration, we notify the applicant to that effect and the user ID and password, and by this notification, Registration is assumed to be completed, and at the same time, a service use contract pursuant to these terms shall be established between the user and the Company.

3. We may refuse to register if the person applying for registration pursuant to paragraph 1 falls under any of the events listed in the following items.

1. When there is a false, misprint or omission in all or part of the registration information provided to us

2. In the case where the registrant does not have the legal right and position to conclude the service use contract and the usage agreement etc in the third party service

3. When the applicant wishes to receive or has already taken measures to suspend service such as account deletion when using this application

4. Anti-social forces etc. (meaning organized crime groups, organized crime groups, right-wing groups, anti-social forces, and others), which is the same as the following, or through the provision of funds or otherwise , If we judge that we are engaged in some sort of interaction or involvement with antisocial forces such as cooperation or involvement in management or management

5. In addition, when we judge that registration is not appropriate

4. (Change of registered information)

1. When there is a change in the registered information, the user shall notify the Company of the change by the method specified by the Company within 14 days and submit the requested data from the Company.

2. If notification from the Company fails to be reached due to failing to change the preceding paragraph, such notice shall be deemed to have arrived at the time when it should normally reach.

5. (Management of password and user ID)

1. In its own responsibility, the user shall manage and store the password and the user ID, and shall not let any third party use it, nor lend, transfer, name change, trading, etc. If we confirm that the password and the user ID match, we consider that the user registered as a person holding the password and user ID used this application.

2. The user assumes the responsibility for damages caused by inadequate management of passwords or user IDs, errors in use, use by third parties, etc. We do not assume any responsibility.

3. If it is found that the password or user ID has been stolen or used by a third party, the user shall be notified immediately and we will follow the instructions of our company.

6. (Use of this application)

1. The user can use this application according to the method defined by us.

2. The user shall use this application in the condition provided by the Company and can not copy, modify, change, modify or adapt this application. Also, in using it, we will comply with the conditions separately specified by the Company.

3. The user shall not use this application directly or indirectly for business use provision to third parties or other similar applications.

4. Preparation and maintenance of computers, software and other equipment, communication lines and other communication environments necessary for receiving this application will be made at the expense and responsibility of the user.

7. (Used by minors)

1. Underage user downloads this application after obtaining the consent of the legal representative such as a custodian for every use of this application including purchase of goods, and under the agreement of the legal representative this application Must be used.

2. We may limit the upper limit of usage fee or payment method etc. according to age for purchase of goods by users of minors. Users of minors must use this application according to the restrictions.

3. If a user of a minor does not agree with a statutory representative and uses this application in falsehood or age in falsehood if there is agreement and there is no agreement by a legal representative, in order to make believe that it is a person with ability to act, , You can not cancel any law acts related to this application.

4. If you use this application after a user who was minors at the time of agreement of this agreement reaches the age of adult, the user is deemed to have approved all the law acts concerning this application.

8. (Exhibition and purchase of products)

1. According to the method specified by the Company, the user can exhibit the item on this application and the user can purchase the item exhibited on this application according to the method specified by the Company.

2. The Company provides a platform for sellers to sell products to purchasers and does not constitute a party or an agent in connection with the sale of goods. However, as a provider of the platform, we may restrict or restrict the exhibition or purchase of goods in accordance with our discretion, and the user agrees to this in advance.

3. We will prohibit users from listing products that fall under any of the following items. If a user finds that a product corresponding to any of the following items has been exhibited, it shall notify the Company immediately and shall not purchase the item.

1. Items that violate laws and ordinances

2. A product that infringes or is likely to infringe the rights of a third party or another user

3. Items contrary to public order and morals

4. Products including computer virus

5. Product intended for sale targeting only a specific user

6. Other items that we deemed inappropriate

4. If the seller wishes to stop the exhibition of the item being exhibited, the seller can stop the exhibition at any time according to the method specified by the Company on this application. However, even if the auctioneer stops the auction, if the purchase application has been made for the product so far, the seller will sell the product to the user who made the application We shall do.

5. We may use the items that the auctioneer has exhibited for copyright, public transmission, or other aspects for the purpose of advertisement, publicity, management etc. of this application. The seller shall grant to the Company copies of the products under the aims of the Company, public transmission, or any other use, and shall not exercise the moral rights of the author for such use by the Company I will.

9. (Relationship between goods)

1. The copyright and other intellectual property rights of the products listed on this application shall be attributable to the seller or the copyright holder even after the product is purchased by the purchaser.

2. Upon payment of the purchase price of the product by the Company as prescribed on this application, the purchaser duplicates, publicly transmits the product, and in accordance with this agreement and the method displayed by the Company on this application can. In this case, the seller shall not exercise the moral rights of the author in the extent that the purchaser uses it in accordance with these Terms and the method the Company displays on this application.

3. The seller shall notify the seller that the item that was submitted on this application does not infringe copyrights or other intellectual property rights, portrait rights, privacy rights of the third party, privilege of publicity, all other rights and interests of third parties Guaranteed against.

4. In case of trouble between products or between users or a third party other than the user, such troubles shall be solved at user's responsibility and cost, and shall not cause any inconvenience to our company . If we spend expenses (including but not limited to attorney fees, settlement fees etc.) to solve the problem, the user shall indemnify us for such expenses We shall do.

5. In case of trouble between the Company and the user or a third party concerning goods, such troubles shall be solved at the responsibility and cost of the exhibitor and shall not cause any inconvenience to our company.

6. In the case of the preceding paragraph, the Company shall notify the seller of the occurrence of the trouble and its contents. In addition, when spending expenses (expenses such as attorney fees, settlement fees etc, but not limited to them) to solve the trouble, the seller compensates such expenses to the Company We shall do.

10. (Restriction on use of products by purchaser)

1. Regarding purchased items, the purchaser can resale the product, produce another product by processing the product (for example, change the color of the product, change the contrast of the color, another product incorporating all or part of the product , Including cutting off a part of the product and producing another product, etc. However, it is not limited to them), sale, regardless of other aspects, commercially use it Does not become. However, this is not the case if the purchaser places the purchased item on the advertisement of the purchaser's own service.

2. In the case where the purchaser entrusts the manufacturing to a third party at the time of manufacturing the advertisement advertisement prescribed in the proviso of the preceding paragraph by using the purchased product, the purchaser sends this agreement To comply with the provisions set forth in the following paragraphs. In this case, in the event that the third party violates each provision of this agreement, the Company shall be deemed to be a violation of this agreement by the purchaser due to such violation

3. The purchaser shall be able to perform processing such as trimming, flipping, size change, color change, character placement, simple combination, etc., within the range not contrary to this Terms of the purchased Product.

4. In using the purchased goods, the purchaser shall not do other acts corresponding to the following items or actions that may be applicable, in addition to stipulating in other provisions of this Article.

1. Obscene objective Other methods and forms contrary to public order and morals

2. Use as a part of trademarks, service marks, logos, etc., use other products as characteristic symbols of specific companies, individuals, organizations, activities, services, etc.

3. Used in sexual industries, pornography, adult products, dating sites and others that conform to them

4. In addition to organized crime groups defined by Article 2 of the Act on Prevention of Unjust Acts by Boryokudan members, Designated Boryokudan, Associated Boryokudan, Boryokudan Members, Boryokudan Related Companies, Association of Boryokudan Social Members, General Assembly Members, Social Movement, Political Movement, etc. Used in connection with relief gobo or a person equivalent thereto (hereinafter referred to as "anti-social forces")

5. Disadvantage of the seller or subject lost, credit loss, slander slander, infringement of rights, other disadvantages of the seller or the subject, or the use which is likely to be such a thing (caused by processing or deformation of the product or subject) But it is not limited thereto)

6. Use the products in businesses or services that may compete with us, including the following examples, without obtaining prior written consent from us

1. Management of stock photo site

2. To install and distribute products in 'material collection' of CD, DVD, software etc

3. Print the product and distribute it as a material

4. Distributing products in a form that allows free processing as a material to end users

7. The purchaser may publish or announce the product as his own work, other theft or plagiarism of the item, or the use which is likely to occur

8. Acts of reselling, transferring, sub-licensing, etc., the downloaded commodity material itself, regardless of whether it is paid or not

9. Use as giving the impression that the subject is using a specific sales, product or service, etc. as an image, by using a balloon or the like, or associating a fake age, name or other profile with the subject, etc.

10. Use imparting impression that the subject belongs to a specific religion / political party (politics), thought (group) etc

11. Emphasis on the physical characteristics of the subject and use in such a manner as to discriminate race, creed, gender, social status or other attributes of the subject

12. False, triggering false recognition, fraud, slander, other acts of using merchandise or subjects in illegal content or context

13. Other use, in a manner that we deem inappropriate

5. The user acknowledges that there is a possibility that the product uploaded to this service may be canceled at any time due to the intention of the Company, the seller and other rights holders.

11. (Payment of goods price)

1. Purchaser shall pay the seller the price of goods pertaining to the item purchased pursuant to the method prescribed by the Company.

2. The seller shall grant the Company permission to receive on behalf of the seller the item price paid by the purchaser (including the money equivalent to the item price paid by the settlement operator or storage agent) Hereinafter referred to as "proxy receiving right").

3. The Company may request the purchaser for the price of the product based on the substitute receipt right under the preceding paragraph, and if the said request is made from the Company, the purchaser shall pay the amount of the said claim to the Company. The cost of payment will be borne by the purchaser.

4. When it is necessary for the Company to transfer the right to request payment to the purchaser based on a franchise agreement on settlement services to be concluded with the settlement operator or storage agency, the purchaser makes no objection to the transfer You agree.

5. The Company shall pay 30% of the price of the item as a settlement fee from the item price received from the purchaser, and pay the seller according to the method prescribed by the Company .

6. The payment from the Company to the seller based on the preceding paragraph shall be made when the price of the item received by the seller becomes equal to or greater than the certain payable amount.

7. Even in the case where the license agreement is concluded, the case where the purchaser does not pay the total price of the commodity price and the fee, or when the payment is delayed, when the other company deems it necessary, we will cancel the license agreement You shall be able to do.

8. The fact that the information of the settlement means or financial institution entered by the user on this application was used by a third party, that the content of the input information was incorrect, or that the Company carried out measures under this section We do not assume any responsibility for damage caused to users by not having been made.

12. (Attribution of rights relating to this application)

1. All intellectual property rights relating to information etc. to be provided by the Company in this application belong to the Company or person who licenses the Company to us and the license of this application under this Terms shall be licensed to us or our company It does not mean the license of the intellectual property right of the licensed person.

2. The user can not translate, edit, alter, etc. the information provided by the Company, make it used by third parties, or make it public, without the permission of our company, and for any reason for us or our company Actions that may violate the intellectual property rights of persons granting licenses (including but not limited to disassembling, decompiling and reverse engineering) should not be done.

3. Trademarks, logos, service marks, etc. (hereinafter collectively referred to as "trademarks, etc.") may be displayed on this application, but we may notify any user or any other third party any such trademark We do not transfer or accept licenses for use.

13. (Handling of registered information)

1. We shall deal with user's registration information, terminal information and other user information according to our privacy policy separately.

2. At our discretion, we will provide information on the information provided by users to our company, the purchase history of products, terminal information and other data, the provision and operation of this application, improvement, development, improvement of this application, improvement of function or service or used for the purpose of addition, etc., or, it is assumed that the individual can be published as statistical information in a form that can not be specified, the user will agree to this.

14. (Confidentiality)

1. "Confidential information" as used in this Agreement means that in connection with the Service Usage Contract or this Application, the User shall not be liable for any damages whatsoever of the Company's technology, sales, operations, financial affairs, organization or anything else provided, It means all information concerning matters. However, those falling under each of the following items shall not fall under the Confidential Information.

1. When we are provided or disclosed by our company or acquired, we have already known publicly or already know

2. Things that became publicly known through publications or other reasons due to reasons not attributable to their own responsibility after providing, disclosing or acquiring from our company

3. Properly obtained without legally obliged confidentiality from a third party authorized to provide or disclose

4. Developed independently without confidential information

2. The user shall use confidential information only for the purpose of using this application and shall not disclose, disclose or disclose our confidential information to a third party without prior written consent of the Company.

3. Whenever requested by the Company, the user shall return or discard the written or other recording medium material containing or containing the confidential information and confidential information, and all copies thereof, without delay, without delay It will not.

15. (Prohibited act on the use of this application)

In using this application, users should not take any action corresponding to any of the following items.

1. Acts that violate laws, court rulings, decisions or orders, or administrative measures that are binding on laws and regulations or acts that promote them

2. Fraud or intimidation against our company, other users of this application or other third parties

3. Action against public order and morals

4. Acts infringing on intellectual property rights, portrait rights, rights of privacy, honor, other rights or interests of our company, other users of this application or other third parties

5. Through this application, the act of sending information judged by the Company as applicable or applicable to the Company or another user of the application or other third party of this application

1. Information including violent or cruel expression

2. Information including computer viruses and other harmful programs

3. Information including information on our company, other users of this application or other third party's honor or credit impairment

4. Information including obscene expressions

5. Information including expressions that promote discrimination

6. Information including expression that promotes suicide, self-injury

7. Information including expressions that promote inappropriate use of drugs

8. Information including antisocial expressions or contents

9. Information requesting the spread of information to third parties, such as junk mail, spam mail, chain mail, etc.

10. Information including illegal solicitation, advertisement etc,

11. Information including expressions that give discomfort to others

6. Action to change, modify, disassemble, decompile, reverse engineer or other source code of this application

7. Act to place excessive burden on the network or system etc of this application

8. Acts possessing accounts of restoration

9. Act for collecting information on this application or other user's information

10. Act to unauthorizedly access unauthorized access to the entire system connected to this application without authority

11. Impersonate other users or third parties

12. Act to use the user ID or password of other users of this application

13. Advertisement, advertisement, solicitation or business practice on this application which we do not allow in advance

14. Paste links other than websites and resources managed by our company

15. Acts aimed at money laundering

16. Provision of benefits to antisocial forces etc

17. Actions that directly or indirectly induce or facilitate the acts of the preceding items

18. Other acts that we deem inappropriate

16. (Service stop or account deletion)

1. When it is found that the user falls under any of the following items, the Company temporarily stops using the application of the user concerned at the discretion of the Company, deletes the registered information as a user, or deletes the service (Hereinafter referred to as "measures, etc."), such as termination of the contract for use, etc.

1. In the event of violating any provision of these Terms

2. When not making necessary payment or delaying

3. When the use of the account of the registered credit card or financial institution is stopped

4. When it turns out that there is a false fact in the registration information

5. In cases where the unauthorized use of the settlement method designated by the Company is found out or when the payment is suspended or invalidated from the settlement service company designated by the Company

6. Cancellation of payment or impossibility of payment, or when petition for commencement of bankruptcy proceedings, civil rehabilitation proceedings, corporate reorganization proceedings, special liquidation commencement, or similar procedures has been filed

7. When there is no use of this application for 6 months or more

8. If we do not respond for inquiries from our company or other contacts requesting a response for more than 30 days

9. In cases falling under each item of Article 3, paragraph 3

10. When we judge that there are grounds similar to the preceding items

2. If any of the events listed in each of the items of the preceding paragraph falls under the circumstances, the user naturally loses the benefit of the due date for any obligation owed to the Company, and immediately must pay all of the obligation to the Company not.

3. Even after the deletion of the account, the user is not to be relieved of all obligations and obligations under this agreement to the Company and other third parties (including damages, but not limited to this).

4. We do not assume any responsibility for damages caused to users due to measures etc. carried out by the Company under this section, and even after deletion of the user's account, it is possible for the user to possess and use information provided to the Company We shall be able to do.

17. (Disclaimer of Warranty and Disclaimer)

1. We believe that this application conforms to the specific purpose of the user, that it has the expected function, product value, legality, accuracy and usefulness, that the products sold on this application are specific to the user It is to guarantee that it conforms to the function to be expected, product value, legality, accuracy and usefulness, and that the use of this application by the user conforms to laws and ordinances applicable to the user There is none.

2. The Company does not guarantee that this application is compatible with all terminals, and even if it corresponds to the time of starting use of this application, even if the version up of OS of the terminal used for using this application As a result of this, we will acknowledge that there is a possibility that malfunction of this application may occur. The Company does not guarantee that the defect will be resolved by such as modification of the program that we do when such a problem occurs.

3. We do not guarantee that content related to this service does not contain harmful items such as computer viruses.

4. The Company shall suspend, stop, terminate or change the provision of this application by the Company, delete or lose the message or information that the user has sent to this application, delete the registration of the user, lose registration data etc. by using this application Or any damage or damage to equipment, or any other damage incurred by the user with respect to this application.

18. (Validity period)

Service contract, during the offer period of this application, until the day the day on which such from the date of use registration based on Article 3 for the user has completed the user has unsubscribed this application or that the user's account has been deleted, the Company and the user and it shall remain in effect between.

19. (User of withdrawal)

1. The user, by the way in which we set forth, will be able to withdraw this application. The User shall no longer be able to use this application from the time of this application withdrawal. However, it is not possible settlement and procedures of trading of commodity transactions If there is something of the unfinished To unsubscribe, after users, smoothly proceed without delay in accordance with the Terms of a series of unfinished transaction was completed, unsubscribe Have to.

2. If there is a debt that the user is owed to the Company at the time of the withdrawal, the user will lose the benefits course of time in relation to any of the debt that is owed to the Company, immediately payment of all of the debt to the Company It must be made.

3. The user, after the application withdrawal also, (but including the damages, not only to this.) All of the obligations and liabilities relating to service use agreement does not escape.

4. We are, even after the user has unsubscribed to this application, and shall the user is able to hold and use the information you provide to us.

5. If the user withdraw this application, the Company, the Company's discretion, and shall be able to delete the user's account.

6. After the withdrawal, it is when you want the registration of this app again, you must perform the registration procedure again. After the user is again the registration process, and shall consent in advance that it is not taken over withdrawal before the data is.

20. (Compensation for damages)

1. The user, by violation of this Agreement, or if the damage to the Company in connection with the use of this application, including all of its damage against us (lawyers and other professional fees and our personnel expenses amount equivalent to .) it must compensate for.

2. In connection with the use of this application by the user, if the Company has received any request from other users and other third parties, the user is, the amount that we have to bear in order to solve such claim (attorneys' fees, Although including the settlement money, but not limited to the.) and damage caused to the Company by corresponding to the claim (but including lost profits, etc., but not limited to this.) if you do not compensate for do not.

3. Our company, for damages that the user has incurred in connection with this application, not responsible for any damages. It should be noted that, by applying other reasons of consumer contract law, in the event that the Company regardless of the provisions to indemnify this section other our liability bears the liability for damages to the user as well, the scope of our liability is , it shall be limited to direct and ordinary damages reality generated by reasons attributable to our responsibility, and, of this application when the grounds of the damage has been received from the user to the reality in the past six months retroactively from the time that occurred the total amount of use rates as the upper limit.

21. (Variations of the present application, abolition and interruption, etc.)

1. We are, without a user to a prior notice, you can change the whole or part of the contents of this application.

2. We are able to abolish the provision and management of all or part of this application at our discretion. In addition, the Company, if you want to repeal the provision and management of all or part of this application at our discretion, to that effect notify the user in a way that the Company deems appropriate. However, in the case of emergency you may not perform the notification to the user.

3. The Company, following if any of the grounds for each issue has occurred, without giving prior notice to the user, you can temporarily suspend part or all of this application.

1. If you regularly or urgently carry out the maintenance and repair related to hardware, software and communication equipment facilities for this application

2. Busy, when the load on the system for other unexpected factors are concentrated

3. If you need to ensure your personal security has occurred

4. If providing all or part of the third-party service by telecommunications carriers is temporarily stopped or interrupted

5. If the services of the telecommunications operators are not provided

6. If it is difficult to provide this application by the force majeure of a natural disaster such as

7. Fire, where the provision of the application due to a power failure and other accidents is difficult

8. War, conflict, unrest, riots, where the provision of the application is difficult due to labor disputes, etc.

9. If the operation of the laws and regulations or the application by the measures based on these becomes impossible

10. Other accordance with the preceding items if the Company determines is necessary

4. The Company does not assume any responsibility for the damage caused to the user by the measures made by the Company under this section.

22. (Terms Revised)

The Company, this agreement, without prior notification to the user, at our discretion, and shall be at any time arbitrarily changed. The Company, in case you make a change to this Agreement, and shall notify the changes to the user, after the notification of the changes, the user procedure of withdrawal within a period specified by the case or the Company has been using this app If you did not, the user is deemed to have agreed to the change of the Terms.

23. (Contact and notification)

1. Contact or notification to the Company from the query other users with respect to the present application, and communication or notification to the user from the notification and other company related to change of this Agreement shall be carried out in a way in which we set forth on our web site or on this application.

2. The Company, the e-mail address that the user has registered, may want to deliver the mail, such as advertising and publicity related to this application, the user shall consent to this.

24. (Assigned or the like of the position on the Terms and Conditions)

1. The user, without the prior written consent of LaCie, all or part of the status or the rights and obligations on the service use agreement, transferred to third parties (the merger, also includes a comprehensive succession by the company split, etc..) Or collateral you can not serve the purpose of.

2. If the Company has transferred to another company the business in accordance with the present application can transfer status on the service contract with the transfer of the business, the rights and obligations as well as the user registration information and other customer information to the assignee of the transfer of the business and things, users are deemed to have agreed in advance in this section for each such assignment. The business transfer referred to in this section shall include a comprehensive succession by merger or company split The Company is the surviving company or division company.

25. (Separation possible)

Any provision or part thereof of the present convention, even if it is determined to be invalid or unenforceable by law, the provisions remaining provisions and some of the terms are determined to be invalid or unenforceable rest, fully in effect continuously, Company and the user, and lawful the invalid or unenforceable provision or part, and correct the extent necessary in order to provide enforceable, the disabled or the spirit of the unenforceable provisions or in part, as well as the legal and economic shall make efforts so as to ensure the same effect.

26. (Surviving Provisions)

Article 12, Article 14 paragraph 2 to paragraph 4, Article 15, Section 17, paragraph 2 to 6, Article 18, Article 22, Article 23, Article 25, Article 26, provisions should be the survival of course in view of the nature of this section, as well as terms and conditions shall be after the end of the service contract to remain in effect.

27. (language)

This agreement treats Japanese as authentic. Even in the case where a translation is prepared for reference with respect to these Terms, only the correct text of Japanese shall have effect as the Terms of Service.

28. (Governing Law and Jurisdiction)

Governing Law of the service contract is with the Japanese law, for due to the service contract or related to any dispute, and the Tokyo Summary Court or the Tokyo District Court in accordance with the Sogaku the first trial of the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts . It should be noted that the application of the United Nations Convention on the International goods license agreement shall be excluded.

29. (Consultation settlement)

The Company and the user, in the case of doubt on the interpretation of matters not, or the Terms set forth in this Agreement occurs, shall be achieved quickly resolved in consultation in accordance with the principle of good faith with each other.

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